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                          Lotus Oil Control Acne Removing Mask
                                   Efficacies: This product contains lotus oil. It is mild and fresh. Integrated with fine and soft skin-friendly invisible paper, it is especially appropriate for oily and mixed skin because it can purify the skin, remove excessive oil in pores, soothe, adjust and remove acnes. Meanwhile, it can maintain natural Ph Value of the skin, weaken skin problems such as acne scars and uneven complexion and thus make the skin become clean, fresh and healthy.
                                    1. Take out the mask and unfold it after cleaning your face; 2. The mask consists of two layers wherein one layer is pearlized film and the other layer is facial mask; 3. Apply the mask to your face with the pearlized film outward and then gently press the mask to make it fit your face; 4. Take off the pearlized film and smooth the mask to make it completely fit your face; 5. Take off the mask after 15~20 minutes and wash your face with clean water. The effect will be better if you do not wash your face after using this product.